About Us


Mindzet by Faibein is a major audio brand founded in 2016.

Mindzet is a brand that prepares you for the future. I believe that if you change your mindset you will change your life.

When I created Mindzet I wanted our brand to represent what freedom looks and feel likes. Not only is our brand creating futuristic product that will surpass many products that came before us. Our headset is specifically designed to give our users a once in a lifetime wireless experience.

The Mindzet headset is designed for everyday use. 

Mindzet’s continued success helps bring the energy, freedom, emotion and excitement of playback for music lovers worldwide.

Our vision is to promote the change of your Mindzet to create innovative designs for many years to come.  Our collaborative effort promotes wealth, sharing knowledge, and a common vision for the future.  ~Mindzet